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Your Stress-Free Alternative to Boat Ownership


Boating with your family is all about making memories, and there are dozens of opportunities to do so: fishing, riding the waves, enjoying a waterfront dinner at one of the many fantastic restaurants on the water, or maybe just taking in beautiful Lake Norman or Lake Wylie sunset.

One memory that does not belong, is the hassle of ending a wonderful day of boating with the responsibility of cleaning, maintaining, and storing your boat.

Director of Marketing and Sales

“My favorite thing is the joy that I see on the members’ faces after a good day of boating. No matter the occasion or the time spent on the water, I NEVER see anything less than a smile when leaving the dock.”
— Josh Greenwald


“Freedom Boat Club is about helping people create memories that will last a lifetime. I love seeing the pictures our members post on Facebook and Instagram with huge smiles on their faces.”
— Jeff Weir

Membership Executive: Lake Norman

“I enjoy boating and being able to help other people get on the water to enjoy the great lifestyle Freedom Boat Club has to offer. Plus, I have made nice friendships along the way.”
— Susan Joosten

Membership Executive: Lake Wylie

“Boats have always been a large part of my life. I can say that when I found out about Freedom Boat Club and its existence I lost my mind. I now work at an amazing company who have employed FANTASTIC like minded hard working people who are all lead by an amazing integrity filled family who serves others to find a solution to the challenges of boat ownership.”
— Wil Lawson

Director of Operations

“My favorite thing about working for freedom boat club is the fact that no two days are alike. One day I may find myself at the shop preparing a brand new boat for member use. Then the next day I’m on the dock training new staff members. Every day is unique and I never know what to expect. This helps keep me young.”
— Brad Beatty

We Leave the Boating to You

Provide us some brief information today, and at no obligation to you, receive $500 off your start up cost! Start making your own memories with Freedom today!


Your membership is the key to unlock all Freedom Boat Club locations, with access to a variety of models and a streamlined boating experience.


Book your boat with our easy to use online reservation system or call to speak to a reservations agent. You can book as far as 6 months in advance.


When you arrive at the dock your boat will be ready and waiting for you. The only thing you need to worry about is how you would like to enjoy your day.


Return the boat to the dock and give the key to the dockhands. There is no docking or slip fee, trailer to maneuver, filling station to visit or repairs to make.

Why Choose Us?


Our club is the largest in the world and we have been around for over 25 years, so you have more options and locations. You can use the vessels as often as you like and enjoy a multitude of aquatic activities. We work hard so that you can spend more time enjoying the water.


There is something for everyone out on the water and friends, guests, children and pets are always welcome on our boats. Fishing, water skiing, sightseeing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, bird watching, inner tubing, or just relaxing on the water, the reasons to join are endless.


With Freedom Boat Club you can have all the pleasures of boat ownership without the headache and additional costs that come along with it. We take excellent care of all our vessels and work hard to provide you with the most enjoyable boating experience available.

Boating Made Simple

Benefits of a Membership 

  • Choose From Fishing to Pleasure Boats
  • Easy to Use, No Experience Needed
  • Guests, Children & Pets Welcome
  • No Trailers, Cleanup, or Maintenance
  • Hassle Free Reservations
  • Access to 170+ Nationwide Locations

Activities Members Enjoy 

  • Dining at one of the many waterfront restaurants on Lake Norman
    and Lake Wylie.
  • Take a cruise through Lake Norman State Park and do some sightseeing.
  • Wakeboarding, wakesurfing, water skiing, fishing, tubing, and much more!